The Importance of the EMSPNG Ambulance Service in Port Moresby

Certain situations in life require immediate medical care and a fraction of a second delay can drastically change somebody’s life.

The ambulance service and paramedics are very important in society as they save hundreds of lives daily by responding to emergency calls. They will operate from ambulance stations that will be located in various areas around Port Moresby, including the Jackson International Airport and Ela Beach with control centres that respond to emergency calls and dispatch ambulances when needed.Whether the patient is in a resort, the airport or large urban conurbations, [conurbation (k n r-b sh n). n.

A predominantly urban region including adjacent towns and suburbs; a metropolitan area] ambulances can reach most emergency scenes within minutes of the call. The EMSPNG emergency ambulance service crews will include an ambulance technician and a paramedic. Once the paramedics arrive at the emergency scene they evaluate the situation and the condition of the casualty and decide whether to take them to a medical centre or the nearest hospital orjust treat them there. One of the important roles of the ambulance crew is to stabilise and treat patients quickly to prevent any mishap before the patient reaches the medical centre or hospital.

They provide immediate and effective life-saving care in a safe and clinical working environment with maximum mobility. EMSPNG Paramedics and ambulance technicians will be well trained in pre-hospital skills to be able to deal with profuse bleeding, crush and fall injuries, cardiac arrests, road accidents, and much more. During earlier times ambulances were used to transport patients after the doctor or fire department rescue squad applied simple first aid. Mostly the patient would ride alone however, in some cases the doctor rode along in the ambulance.Today, ambulances come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes equipped with a huge range of essential pre-hospital emergency machines including heart defibrillators, intravenous drips, splints, oxygen, drugs and much more. All ambulances will have radios installed in them.

In some cases patients may be transported to a medivac or an air ambulance which is basically an aircraft specially designed for providing emergency medical assistance in critical medical situations. An air ambulance is used when the patient has to be transported over a long distance or terrain or if the patient has to be quickly transported to a treatment centre. Air ambulances are equipped with basic equipment like ECG monitors, ventilators, medication and stretchers.

EMSPNG Paramedics and our fleet of Ambulances will give you the best chance of making the air ambulance in a stable condition.


The Importance of the EMSPNG Ambulance Service in Port Moresby


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