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Digicel User Group Ambulance Cover Terms and Conditions

The following Rules are current as at 1 June 2014. While these Rules apply to a subscriber during the period of a particular subscription, EMSPNG Ambulance Service (EMSPNGAS) reserves the right to make any changes it considers necessary to these Rules from time to time, without notice, in relation to a subscriber’s subsequent subscription period. A current set of Rules including all modifications are available for inspection by any subscriber during normal business hours at EMSPNGAS’s head office at Corner of Lawes Road & Le Hunte Road, Ela Beach or on EMSPNG website at www.emspng.com.


The following definitions apply to the EMSPNG Ambulance Cover unless specified otherwise:

Ambulance transport/service is defined as any service provided by EMSPNGAS. Ambulance transport will be by Road Ambulance.

Medical need

Where a medical practitioner is authorising non-emergency ambulance transport, ”medical need”means that the primary reason for the transport is medical, and that the subscriber is being transported to, or from, a facility where they are to receive, or have received, medical treatment and transport by ambulance is the only medically suitable form of transport. Ambulance transport is categorised as either:

Where can I purchase Ambulance Cover?

Ambulance Cover can be purchased using the Digicel texting message service. Steps to follow to register for the EMSPNG Ambulance Service are:

Step 1: Send the word ”Reg”on a text message to 16567 from your Digicel mobile phone
Step 2: Follow the system instructions until your registration has been successfully completed

How much do I pay for my Ambulance Cover?

The Digicel user group enjoys the exclusive benefit of paying only 30 toea per day for their EMSPNG Ambulance Cover via the Digicel daily automatic fee deduction from their mobile phone account alleviating the burden of an annual lump sum payment.

When should I pay?

Upon successfully completing the registration, the initial 30 toea is immediately deducted from the user’s mobile phone account.

The system will send a text message to registered Digicel users at 9am on Monday and Wednesday of each week confirming their total outstanding amounts that requires payment to bring the member’s Ambulance account back in order (if any).

The automatic fee deduction will be run and charged to the registered members’ mobile phone accounts at 8am daily. lfthe automatic fee deduction failed on any of the registered subscribers accounts, the system will re-attempt to deduct all funds for failed transactions only at 2pm and again at 8pm should the 2pm deduction also fail. All registered subscribers accounts will be charged only once for the 30 toea daily membership fee.

Ambulance Cover fees is not refundable in part or in full.

It is the responsibility of the primary subscriber to ensure adequate funds are available on their mobile phone account to fund the Digicel 30 toea daily automatic fee deductions for their membership fee payments. No reminder notices will be sent to the subscriber on this by EMSPNGAS or Digicel PNG.

Who is covered?

All Digicel group users that have successfully completed the Digicel text messaging service registration and are successfully paying their membership fees through the Digicel daily automatic fee deduction service are covered. Each registered member will receive an EMSPNGAS membership card noting their personal details and phone number which their membership fees are being deducted from. The Ambulance cover entitles benefits to the member named on the Ambulance Cover Membership Card and, subject to the conditions set out below:

What is the area of coverage?

The Digicel User Group Ambulance Cover will initially only service registered users in the NCD Province. Only Digicel users in the NCD Province are therefore expected to register for the Ambulance service.

When do benefits commence?

For emergency ambulance transports, Ambulance Cover commences on the day the Digicel daily automatic fee deduction commences. For non-emergency ambulance transports, Ambulance Cover commences one month from date of joining.

What are the benefits?

Once you are covered, you will not have to pay the cost of ambulance transport and any medical treatment received at the location of the emergency or during transportation if the service is provided by EMSPNGAS. You will have 24/7 full access to the EMSPNGAS facilities through our Call Centre number 1567.


Ambulance Cover is subject to the following conditions:

Such authorisation is valid for a maximum period of one month, after which it must be renewed.

What isn’t covered?

Ambulance Cover does not cover:

How could I lose my Cover?

Where a member has zero credits on his/her mobile phone account, the Digicel daily automatic fee deduction will not be effected leaving an outstanding amount to be settled by the member. If the first attempt to deduct the daily membership fee is unsuccessful clue to insufficient account balance, a second and third attempt will be made by Digicel to effect the deduction over the course of the day until the daily fee deduction has been successfully deducted. The daily scheduled times for the daily fee deductions to be run by Digicel will be at 8am, 2pm and 8pm.

Before effecting the daily fee deduction for each day, the Digicel system will first check the balance outstanding on the member’s Ambulance membership account. If the members Ambulance account is showing a balance outstanding of more than one day’s fee deduction, the system will make an attempt to automatically deduct the full amount outstanding to bring the members Ambulance account back in order.

For the subscriber’s membership of the EMSPNGAS to remain active following non-payment of the daily fee, the member will have a grace period of 5 days after the last day of each month to settle the outstanding membership fees in any given month by sending the word ”Pay” on a text message to 16567. This authorises Digicel to fully deduct the amount outstanding on the member’s Ambulance account from their mobile phone account.

Failure to settle the outstanding membership fees within the grace period will result in a discontinuation of the member’s access to the Ambulance Service.

How could I reinstate my Cover?

A discontinued member may reinstatement their membership to the EMSPNGAS at a later date by sending the word ”Pay” on a text message to 16567. This authorises Digicel to fully deduct the amount outstanding on the member’s Ambulance account from the date of the last successful automatic daily fee deduction. Access to the Ambulance Service by discontinued members can only be reinstated upon settlement of all outstanding fees.

What’s in the fine print?

EMSPNGAS reserves the right to:

Your Privacy

EMSPNGAS collects and holds personal information that is provided by you on your application form when you join as a subscriber. We need this information to make sure that your subscription details are correct and to contact you when necessary. Without this information, we may not be able to process (and therefore may reject) your application to be a subscriber. You may seek access to the personal information held about you by EMSPNGAS at any time. You may advise us if you believe this information is inaccurate or incomplete, and we will make any amendments we consider necessary.

We may from time to time send you information about EMSPNGAS and our services. Unless you request otherwise, you authorise us to send you this information. If you do not want to receive this information, or if you wish to change any of your personal information, you may instruct us by contacting our Customer Service Centre on 1567.

EMSPNGAS will only disclose your personal information to a third party where:

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